Reduce, reduce, reduce

Risk reduction, time reduction and cost reduction.

We assume responsibility in a holistic manner

JAMAI's commitment covers the entire product life cycle: from design, manufacture, rigorous control, transport and delivery to the customer, right through to the after-sales service.
Throughout all the stages, JAMAI takes responsibility for each step, for each advance, thus assuming its main duty to provide answers in a comprehensive manner.

Reducing lead times and costs

Total control of the production chain allows JAMAI to gain in agility, thus reducing the delivery times of its products. The software programs, automation of the design processes, efficiency in its industrialisation, and expertise during the development, are the main values that favour the reduction of times.
On the other hand, the experience of JAMAI's human team, added to its high level of knowledge in the matter, and leadership during all the productive process, help to reduce the final cost of the products.

Own IDI (Intelligent Digital Industrialisation) modelOwn IDI (Intelligent Digital Industrialisation) model

JAMAI has different software programs for the design and simulation of the casting, design of machining tools and order tracking. The intelligent management and monitoring of the processes enable us to guarantee a better control during all the project phases. All these systems contribute to the establishment of JAMAI's own model with the digital component as a common denominator.

Wherever you are

JAMAI's logistics capacity knows no limits. With three production centres located in Spain, China and India, and sales offices in these 3 countries as well as Brazil and Mexico, JAMAI offers a global service.
Its flexibility and high capacity to adapt to each customer’s specific needs, make it possible for all requests received to be successfully completed.

Working together
getting the best

We are the sum of 3 internationalized companies.
3 companies that share the same handwriting and the same values.
3 companies that offer their customers the best engineering solutions with an immediate response.

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Selection of the
manufacturing technique
Control of the manufacturing
assistance service






Analysis and definition
of the production design
Internal control
of the final product