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Our global service is made up of 3 phases:

CONTACT & STUDY. First contact, transfer requirements and study of the customer needs.

PROTOTYPING. Design of the first prototypes.

EXECUTION & MONITORING.Execution and production tracking controls.


Every client and product is unique.

Our engineers and technicians carry out an extensive and individualized study. They adapt the product to the production systems, seeking the solution which best fits the requirements demanded.


Once the proposal is accepted, the prototyping starts. We design the moulds and the toolings, define the machining processes and present the first prototypes to the client.

Every prototype is validated in production, in our own production lines or in those plants approved by our engineers. If the customer is not satisfied with the delivered samples, we carry out all the modifications and the required improvements.

We execute the production and define the traceability guideline, as well as, the quality controls procedures. In all cases, the inspections are based in European standards.


The laboratory tests are carried out in each production plant and they are validated in our own laboratory. Moreover, the results are double tested, at random, in official laboratories.


During the process and in the final inspection, our inspectors follow the customer inspection guidelines, in addition to their own ones. In this way they check the dimensional validation of the pieces.

Inspection in CMM.


We carry out mechanical properties inspections for each melt or batch:

· Hardness
· Traction
· Impact


Our qualified personnel is certified with Level 2 and Level 3 according to the international standards EN 473 and ISO 9712.

Available non destructive tests.

· Radiographic testing
· Ultrasonic testing
· Magnetic testing
· Penetrant testing
· Visual inspection


Our transport service and logistics is available for our customer. Moreover, we have warehouses and regulating depots for those who require them.


In every delivery we provide the corresponding material and inspections certificates. We are certified ISO 9001 and EN-15085-2